Easily Match & Score Candidates Against Your Jobs

ZapInfo can help you to quickly create match scores for your candidates based upon how they match any of your jobs.  You can match upon skills, degree information, or any criteria that you'd typically have as requirements in your job descriptions.  There is no complicated AI or ML powering this, just simple automation that allows you to create these quickly, and then generate a match profile that's branded to your company that you can deliver to your managers or clients.


This functionality will no longer be available after
Indeed acquires ZapInfo's technology in September 2020

Deliver Intelligent Match Profiles

Make sure that your HRMS or Internal Mobility Planning platform has the most updated profiles for your team from their LinkedIn public profiles including all skills, experiences and educational data.

Zap The Public Profiles Of Your Employees

Use ZapInfo to pull the full profiles of all of your employees to gather skills, updated address and location information, gender, age, educational and previous employer insights to feed your internal mobility platform