Engage with People Everywhere

Automated messaging cuts social marketing time by 50% or more.


This functionality will only be available on Indeed's recruiting solutions after
Indeed acquires ZapInfo's technology in September 2020

Personalized Templates

Create personalized messages that you can send to anyone + anywhere!

Personalization is key to getting higher conversion and response rates when you are doing outreach, plus you just don't want to be that person that sprays boring repetitive connection requests and non-relevant outreach.

Using ZapInfo's templates you can personalize messages based on contact fields, skills, education (what college people went to), and send it to anywhere you can online, including Linkedin Connect requests, better LInkedin InMails, Standard messages, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Email, SMS and more.

Engage Better And Faster On LinkedIn

Send automated LinkedIn Connect requests, Standard messages and more personalized InMail messages to connect with more people and get better conversion rates.

Engage on most Social Platforms Easy & Fast

Automatically message people on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and several other social messaging platforms using our social automation

Engage by Email

Send personalized email from your email client with 1-click using email templates you create in your browser.

Auto Sync Engagement To Your CRM

Not only does ZapInfo make it easier & faster to engage people, but we'll also update your CRM with the social messages that you are sending into your CRM as it happens (API integration required).

Engage by SMS

Send personalized text messages to contacts that you find mobile phone numbers for using Google Voice (Skype coming soon).