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This functionality will no longer be available after
Indeed acquires ZapInfo's technology in September 2020

Accelerate Finding Contacts

Use the ZapInfo Search Builder or Search Library to instantly find targeted contacts on nearly any search engine, social network, or job board with no boolean or complicated search skills needed.

Find Matching Talent with a Few Clicks

Zap a job from your career site or ATS and ZapInfo will instantly create searches to help you find matching talent based on your job criteria.

Lookup Any Contact Easy

Use our 1-click lookup to find additional contact or social information on any person using these free sites.

  • Find social profiles

  • Find home address & phone info

  • Find mobile phone numbers

  • Find personal email addresses

  • Find previous addresses

Search More Sites Faster

You don't have to be a boolean guru in order to find contacts based on your criteria.   Using ZapInfo's Search Builder, you can instantly search multiple sites with a single click.


ZapInfo Search Library 

Use the Search Library to instantly find people using 10,000+ searches that will instantly show you contacts in multiple different sites.