Deliver Better Talent Profiles Faster Than Ever

ZapInfo allows you to instantly create & send rich & branded candidate profiles via PDF documents or web links.  You can also export full candidate profiles to spreadsheets or push to your ATS or CRM using our API's.

Zap Contacts to your ATS, CRM or Marketing Apps

Once you've extracted and enriched contacts into your ZapBoard, you can either Zap them into your apps with our intelligent form filler or use our API push to most major ATS, CRM and marketing applications.

Create Branded Web Links or PDF Profiles for Clients and Managers

Stop sending LinkedIn URL's or spending time rebuilding resumes to send to hiring managers.


With ZapInfo you can create full web links or PDF profiles with 2 clicks that are branded to your company or staffing firm.


These provide consistently formatted and intelligent profiles that alert you when they are viewed and have built in feedback that will delight your hiring audience and help you move faster.

Export Contacts to Spreadsheets or Your Clipboard

Use data export templates to Zap your contacts and profile data out in whatever format you need to share data quickly.


These knowledge base articles will show you how this works.