Extract People and Profiles with 1-Click

Zap contacts and profiles from any site with the ZapInfo button. Works on social networks, search engines and job boards. No need to write complicated code, rules or formulas!


This functionality will only work on Indeed's recruiting solutions available after
Indeed acquires ZapInfo's technology in September 2020

Extract Contacts and Profiles from any Social Network

With just a few clicks you can Zap either single or multiple contacts and full profiles on most social networks, making full profile transfers in 2 easy clicks.

Extract Contacts and Pages of Results from Most Search Engines

You've just found the perfect list of contacts in a search, now what? With ZapInfo, instantly Zap the contacts on the page or using our pagination feature, easily pull all pages of any search se.

Extract Contacts from Nearly Any Page Online

Did you find a speaker directory or employee directory, special search site, or list of contacts? Great! Use the ZapInfo contact extractor to Zap the contacts and begin the enrichment process to find contact information and transform the list into an actionable list of contacts.