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With EZApply you can apply to any job on any nearly any career site with 1-click saving hours time applying for jobs.  You can use your LinkedIn profile or any resume from any job board to create your original profile, and then apply to jobs anywhere.

  • Create your profile from your LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder Profile

  • Or you can upload your resume into

  • Search for matching jobs on most major job boards

  • Apply with 1-click to most career sites using our intelligent form filling technology or with our API integrations with most major ATS platforms.

  • Tracks what jobs you've applied to and monitors the status of those jobs

  • Automatically update your profile with all the employers that you've applied with.

  • Create resumes/profile with most of the major job boards to increase your marketability

EZApply Fills In Application Forms Automatically Saving You Time