Find and Engage Faster on Facebook

Search people on Facebook. Zap single or multiple contacts out of Facebook. Post jobs on Facebook for free and Zap applicants out and into your ATS with 2-clicks.

You will be able to find, extract, enrich and engage with 5x more contacts on Facebook using ZapInfo.

Zap Facebook Contacts and Profiles

  • Zap single or multiple contacts out of Facebook

  • Extracts full profile information if contact has work info

  • Enriches contacts to find email address, and other social ID's like Linkedin, Twitter, etc.

  • Saves Facebook URL/ID for future messaging

Automatically Send Personalized Messages

  • Engage with Facebook contacts using personalized messages.

  • Create & send personalized templates directly to Facebook contacts & Messenger.

  • Improve response rates without needing email addresses.

  • Message people where they live online every day.

Search Facebook Contacts With Google

  • Use the ZapInfo Search Builder to create Google searches for Facebook profiles by job titles, employers, and locations

  • Zap contacts + Facebook information out of the searches

  • Zap can visit every Facebook profile to pull incremental profile information if desired

Post Jobs To Facebook/Jobs

  • Zap any job from your career site or ATS system.

  • Zap the job into Facebook Jobs for free to start getting applicants.

  • Save hours posting jobs to Facebook jobs.

Zap Contacts Out Of Facebook Groups

  • Find groups on Facebook with skill or interest that you want to target and join the groups

  • Zap the group members out and enrich and engage with them on Facebook

Zap Applicants Out Of Facebook Into CRM/ATS

  • Zap applicants from your Facebook job postings with 1-click to extract them.

  • Zap them to your CRM or ATS system using our API's. 

  • Capture all applicants on Facebook to avoid leakage and dropped applicants.

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