Indeed Acquired ZapInfo

We’re excited to announce that Indeed, the world’s #1 job site, has acquired the assets of ZapInfo as of September 16th, 2020.

Indeed’s deep understanding of employers’ recruiting technology needs combined with its existing relationships with key partners will allow us to further expand and grow our capabilities.

We believe joining Indeed allows ZapInfo to continue to provide value to clients, allowing them to take advantage of many of Indeed’s products, such as Indeed Resume, along with the ability to Zap Indeed applicants quickly into most integrated ATS and CRM's.

In the past ZapInfo was primarily a paid subscription service that enabled Zapping contacts and candidates from several online sources, after the acquisition the Zapinfo technology is intended to be a free resource that can be used by nearly all top ATS/CRM users to automate the recruiting process between their ATS/CRM and Indeed’s product suite.

We’re proud of how ZapInfo has become used by thousands of recruiters to save them hours of time, automating the searching, finding, extracting, engagement and delivery of candidates into their platforms so they can accelerate the recruiting process. We're very excited to align these benefits with Indeed's powerful solutions to drive better results as the economy recovers and the world returns to work.

Thank you to all of our clients. We look forward to the innovations that we believe the world’s #1 job site will bring to the recruitment automation tools created by ZapInfo.  

Common Questions & Answers

When did Indeed take over the use of ZapInfo?

The acquisition and transition date was on September 16th 2020.

Will I have to re-register or re-install ZapInfo?

No! If you've already registered and installed ZapInfo into your Chrome browser you'll be able to use the application seamleasly during the transition. Please note any past active contacts that you might have had in your ZapBoard have been deleted thorugh the transition process and you'll have to re-zap them. We recommend Zapping them from Indeed if you can find them on the resume search as the profiles are much better, have deeper definitions of most candidates experiences, education, and skills and you can usually always get the candidates full contact information if you've gotten a positive response from any candidate.

Will I still be able to Zap contacts into my ATS/CRM application?

Yes! If your ATS/CRM is integrated currently it will remain working without any changes.
Please contact your ATS/CRM rep if you have any questions.

How much will it cost to use ZapInfo after Indeed acquires it?

ZapInfo Will Be FREE To Use! This is the best news! Indeed is going to provide ZapInfo as a free tool to all recruiting users so there will no longer be any subscription fees to use the application going forward. There will be certain feature areas that will be turned off after the transtion. (see below). If you only had a few ZapInfo users previously due to subscription/cost limitations, you can now have all of your recruiters using ZapInfo! Just have them register and install the Chrome Extension to get started!

How Will I Be Able To Use ZapInfo + Indeed's Recruiting Solutions?

There are several ways that you'll be able to use ZapInfo to maximize your use of Indeed's recruiting solutions. Here's some of the initial ways, and we'll be adding more and more as we go forward:

  • Zap applicants & pre-screening questions from Indeed to your ATS/CRM
  • Zap contacts/resumes from the resume search
  • 1-Click search for matching talent from any job inside your ATS/CRM
  • Send personalized messages to contacts you find on Indeed
    (with sync to your ATS/CRM)
  • Zap any job on your career site or inside your ATS and post/sponsor on Indeed
  • Update contacts inside your ATS/CRM using Indeed resume search

I Paid To Use ZapInfo - Will I Be Getting Any Refund?

Yes! If you paid to use ZapInfo (either directly, online, or via one of our partners) ZapInfo will be providing you a refund for the un-used portion of your subscription period. We know many of the use cases that you may have signed up for will no longer be available after the transition and wanted to return that portion of your subscription. Here's what will happen:

  1. You'll be getting a cancellation letter + subscription refund amount soon.
  2. Simply sign the cancellation and acceptance of refund acknowledgement.
  3. Shortly after the transaction closes in September, ZapInfo will send your the refund.
    (If you have an online subscription we'll take care of cancelling your subscription and our ecommerce vendor Chargebee will refund you the un-used portion to your payment card)

What Other Aspects Of ZapInfo Will Change?

There are a few other areas of ZapInfo that will change after the transfer. Here's some of the other features that will be unavailable:

  • Email Enrichment (Finding people's email addresses)
  • Social Profile Enrichment (Finding people's social profiles like Linkedin/Facebook)
  • Social Engagement/Messaging (Sending people social connects & messages)
  • Contact Lookups (Looking up personal information like address, emails, phone #'s)
  • Search Engine Zapping (Zapping people out of Google, Bing, Yahoo)
  • Contact Extractor (Pulling contacts out of directories or pages online)
  • Match Scoring (Building a match score between any contact andy our jobs)
Here's most of the elements that will remain in ZapInfo:
  • Zapping all things Indeed (Job postings, resumes, contacts, applicants)
  • 1-Click lookup of matching talent from your ATS/CRM
  • Contact imports to your ZapBoard
  • Zapping Contacts/Profiles To Your ATS/CRM
  • Zapping contacts/profiles between your ATS/CRM's
  • Zapping jobs & descriptions (You can then post to Indeed + Sponsor jobs)

How can I buy Indeed services to use with ZapInfo?

You can either buy the online self-service subscriptions on including Job Postings (where you can post for free or you can pay for Sponsored Jobs) or the Indeed Resume Subscriptions. If you have an Indeed rep you can contact them to discuss how you can use ZapInfo's solutions.

What If My ATS/CRM Isn't Integrated Or Linked To ZapInfo Yet?

You can see the list of currently active integrations that ZapInfo has at this link. If you are using any of these applications, you can just request that your ZapInfo account get linked to your ATS/CRM and all of your companies users will be able to start Zapping contacts and profiles in from Indeed. If your ATS / CRM is not on this list yet, you can request it be added to the integrations list by emailing us here.

Did ZapInfo's Team Join Indeed?

Yes! The entire team from ZapInfo joined the Indeed team after the closing of the transaction to assist with the transition and to answer your questions in the short term, so please reach out to them if you have any questions or concerns.

Will The Sales/Lead Generation Aspects Of ZapInfo Continue To Work?

Unfortunately Not. Because you'll only be able to Zap contacts from Indeed (and for the purposes of recruiting) and you'll no longer be able to find email addresses, social profiles, or perform social campaigns there won't be much value for sales/lead generation. We will keep the integration live with Pipedrive as some of our recruiting users do use Pipedrive for recruiting, and we'll keep the Zap maps live for Hubspot, Salesforce (also used for recruiting), and some of the other mainstream CRM's.

Can I Still Use ZapInfo On Social Network Sites?

There are certain features that you will still be able to use with social sites like Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter such as our social engagement and messaging features. You will not be able to directly Zap any contacts and profiles from these networks and won't see the Z button on any pages of the sites, however, you can use the resume upload feature to upload and parse any persons profile if you downloaded a PDF version of any profile.