OFCCP Recruiting Compliance Solution

  • Provides multi-site OFCCP tracking that lives within your team's browser.

  • Logs searches, search criteria, visited profiles and engagement by requisition.

  • Allows for compliant recruiting activity across all search engines, social networks and job boards in a single solution.

Tracks & Logs Recruiting Activity

Tracks activity as your recruiters are performing searches, viewing profiles and engaging with candidates.

Saves Engagement Information

If recruiters engage with any candidate to solicit interest, that will be flagged in the tracking.

Saves Search Criteria

Whether your recruiters search on search engines, social sites, use boolean operators.

Transfered Into Your Applications

As candidates are transferred into your CRM, ATS or other applications all tracking tags will be added.

Logs All Profiles Viewed By Search

As recruiters view profiles across search and social sites we'll log all associated profile views.

Full Reporting Suite 

View real time activity by your teams and access reporting online and sync'd with your systems.

OFCCP Compliant Recruiting That's Easy + Intelligent

Because recruiters are traveling across multiple sites including search engines, social networks, and job boards, you need a tracking solution that's in their browser to travel with them.

ZapInfo Detects If Any Recruiter Has Done A Search