Boolean Search Tricks On Google For Recruiting

See how you can perform Google searches that could lead you to your next hire

Many top recruiter and sourcing team members don't spend all of their time on LinkedIn when recruiting. As a matter of fact, they use Google to x-ray search for profiles on LinkedIn and many other sites to reveal talent profiles that they can find better using the powerful search engine.

Using Google's advanced boolean search terms you can identify and contact people without ever visiting many of the sites that Google has already indexed their data from.

Here's some example searches that you can play with to reveal some of these profiles for yourself.

  • Try and use this string inside the google search: Data Scientist Boston

  • In the string above, you'll see we're using the "site:" to start the string in Google. This means that we want everyone on that particular site "" and we also added the "/in/" directory because that's where Linkedin displays people's public profiles information, otherwise you might also get group posts, or job postings information which you don't want.

  • Then we put in a search for "Data Scientist" which would be what their job title might be, and also included Boston to indicate the market that we wanted.

  • We could have added in company names and other skill keywords which would have made it more precise, along with that you could use keywords in quotation marks to get even more precise.

Want to get more precise?

  • For example, if you put in "Greater Boston Area", that would target people who currently reside in Boston because on the Linkedin profiles for people who currently live in any market, LinkedIn put's that "Greater" on the front, and "Area " on the back of every persons current market location.

  • Also, if you want to target current employers exactly, you could use the "at~companyname" because Linkedin also displays people's Title at Companyname on their header area of their profile which would allow you to target that using the tilda operator in the search string.

  • Here's an example of a precise search for all Data Scientist's who work for Aetna in Boston: "Data Scientist" "at~Aetna" "Greater Boston Area"

  • Try it to see the results

What to do now?

Once you've found a list of Google profiles, you can either click to their profiles directly, but be careful as LinkedIn actually has a counter on the number of times you click into LinkedIn from outside of LinkedIn which could then result in you being blocked from seeing profiles on the site for a period of time.

Instead, you can use a tool like ZAPinfo to capture the names, titles, and company names that are displayed for every person on the Google search results without ever visiting LinkedIn at all, which will then enrich every contact by finding their email address and other contact information using our enrichment process, allowing you to email every contact directly.

Here's a video showing this process:

Google has some great resources that will show you how you can do even more searches than what we're showing here, and you can play with those also.