Build Your Jibe CRM Talent Network With This Chrome Extension

ZAPinfo Will Help You Build Your Talent Network On The Jibe Recruiting Platform

Jibe CRM is growing in popularity quickly as it has powerful candidate campaign capabilities that help you to build your talent network of future potential hires.

But having a talent CRM application alone isn't of any value if you don't have any contacts inside. That's where the tool comes in to play, where you can use the Chrome Plugin to instantly clip and drop any talent profile (full contact + resume/profile data) into the Jibe platform with 2 clicks

When any recruiter is viewing any person online, they simple clip the profiles from sites like Linkedin, Monster, CareerBuilder, Facebook, Github, or several other sites, and then ZAPinfo will make it so you can drop them into Jibe with a single click, filling out all of the specific fields for their contact information, every experience and educational element so that you have 100% of every persons information within your Jibe profile for every person.

Show How Easy It Is To Clip > Drop A Profile:

The ZAPinfo tool can also help you to clip multiple contacts and profiles on most social network sites and job boards, which can then be exported to a CSV file or XLSX spreadsheet and then imported into the Jibe CRM also.

In the future, watch for a full API integration where you can instantly and easily drop multiple contacts directly from the ZAPinfo tool into your Jibe CRM account with a direct data integration.

If you need to clip any talent profile out of Jibe CRM in order to move them into your back end ATS application, or out to other applications you might use in your hiring strategy such as video interviewing platforms, background check sites, or any other application, the ZAPinfo tool makes it easy to have form based integrations so you can easily transport people & profiles across your web apps.

If you'd like to try the ZAPinfo tool and are a Jibe platform customer, please email us today and we'll show you how this easy yet powerful tool can help you fill your talent network.