Connectifier Like Chrome Plugin That Does More For Recruiting

Imagine If Connectifier Did Even More!

The recruiting world was amazed when Connectifier came on the market and helped recruiters not only find Direct email addresses of candidates based upon their LinkedIn profiles, But also helped find their multiple social identities across all of the other social sites including sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Github, and many others.

Then unfortunately, they were acquired by LinkedIn which made the access to this powerful tool only available to some of the top companies who are also paying richly to use the LinkedIn recruiting solutions.

And while this tool helped to identify talent and their contact information and social identities, it stopped there. But, imagine if it did much more, such as allowing you to activate the talent you found by quickly moving their profile data and information into your ATS or CRM application with a few clicks, so that you could then engage that talent inside of your systems including major platforms such as Avature, Bullhorn, ICIMS, Oracle/Taleo, IBM Kenexa, Brassring, or any other.

Also, what if it would instantly create personalized social introductions that could be sent via the connect requests or InMail system in a automated marketing type of way, which would result in higher acceptance and open/read rates because of that personal touch in your outreach.

Lastly, what if it worked everywhere such as on every major job board, job aggregation and resume database site, or even any web page online that had contact information.

This Is What ZAPinfo Does!

When you are on any persons resume or profile, you can use WebClipDrop to instantly capture the profile into your web clip board, and then it will enrich the profile with the email address, social profiles, and other information you'll need to start to engage with any person.

Here's a quick video showing how it works:

And More > Import Into Your CRM/ATS

After you clip any profile, you can instantly import into your CRM or ATS system by simply dropping them into your Add Contact area of your site, which eliminates data entry time, and there's no integration required for you to do this quickly. This can save 30 minutes or more per contact!

So if you are looking for a Connectifier like tool that will help you quickly capture, enrich and then engage with talent, ZAPinfo is for you.