Eric Jaquith Joins ZapInfo!

We're excited to announce that Eric Jaquith has joined the team at ZapInfo and will help to drive innovation, education & empowerment, and to help architect partnerships that enhance recruiting productivity.

Eric has over 20 years of helping to train & deliver recruiting process & technology with many top companies and talent technology vendors.

When companies want to dramatically increase their recruiter productivity along with optimizing how they perform omni-channel recruiting, it's not as easy as just learning a new "tool".

Because ZapInfo both opens new channels for recruiting that can help double the productivity of using job boards and social networks like Linkedin, recruiters must be trained and taught in the new ways of doing highly personalized recruiting at scale, using their specific technology which is what Eric is a master at, having used nearly every ATS, CRM, job board, or any technology that a recruiting organization could possibly have.

Here's a quick video with Doug & Eric to discuss why Eric joined the team and why he's excited to help bring ZapInfo to the recruiting market.

You can email Eric to discuss how your team could utilize ZapInfo to optimize your recruiting teams.