Export Applicants From Facebook Jobs Into Your ATS

Automate Facebook Recruiting Using WebClipDrop Chrome Extension

Facebook has quietly been adding more and more Jobs and recruiting solutions to the Facebook social network, and more recruiters are spending greater amounts of time on Facebook versus LinkedIn only to help them with their recruiting.

Not only is it easy to post jobs on Facebook, it's also free for the time being, and you can choose to boost your job postings using Facebooks advertising engine which can actually help you target passive job seekers based on their experiences and location.

While this is a great recruiting opportunity for employers & candidates, the challenge will become how to get the applicant data from Facebook into your internal hiring systems (ATS, etc.) so that you can move them through the hiring process and keep this data in your system of record for reporting and other reasons.

That's where WebClipDrop can help you to quickly clip & drop this data between Facebook and any other recruiting application easily.

Here's A Quick Overview Of How It Works

As more people apply to jobs on Facebook, this is how and why people will build out their professional resume more and more on Facebook versus only having this data on Linkedin only, and is what will make people more and more recruit-able on Facebook.

And because Facebook's advertising engine is so much more robust than LinkedIn's - you can actually target people much more effectively and affordably than on Facebook, at least for the next few years until competition for talent increases on the network and competitive prices drive up the pricing.

Facebook is also adding basic ATS capabilities for smaller businesses where you can not only schedule interviews on the network, but also move applicants through the hiring process by changing applicant status right on Facebook. You can also facilitate nearly the entire messaging conversation with any applicant right on the network.

If you want to post jobs on Facebook, you'll need to setup a company account on Facebook. We recommend larger companies setup a Careers or Recruiting account that is separate from or a sub-account of your companies top level brand.