Facebook Adds Search Capabilities!

If you tried to search for people by job title, location or employer a month ago, you would get no results. You could only search people by name, unless you knew the complicated search graph tactics or used tools to construct those searches (Peoplefindthor.dk, or Intelligent Search, etc.)

However, if you haven't tried lately, you can now search for people by job title, location, or even employer name right within the simple search box in the main Facebook search!

This is revolutionary! It now makes searching and finding people for the purpose of recruiting and sourcing amazingly easier, and using tools like Zapinfo.io you can now extract, enrich, and engage with the search results at levels never before possible.

There is no way we've found to use any advanced search operators yet (title: or location: or employer:) and no way to search for skills that we've found which is somewhat limiting, however you can search for people within groups that are skills focused as a way to find people with specific skills.

Here's a video showing some of the new search abilities + how you can use Zapinfo to extract and engage with people:

You can also use our search builder + the search library to find people by title and locations!