Finding Highly Specialized Talent in a Tight Labor Market with ZapInfo

Recruiting highly specialized talent is always tough. But add the nation’s lowest unemployment rate to the mix, and an extremely niche market, and any recruiter will tell you they’ve got a difficult task at hand.

Keadra Bogardus is a recruitment specialist for Quest Diagnostics, where she sources for medical and clinical lab technologists. These are highly skilled individuals who work in labs testing for everything from routine blood work to cervical cancer and genetic disorders.

Unique Challenges Force New Ways of Recruiting

“It goes without saying that the low unemployment rate is a huge challenge when sourcing and recruiting today,” Bogardus said. “Add to that the fact that tech lab testing is a very niche field, and there aren’t many universities training for these positions, so there really is no new influx of talent every year to the market,” she added.

At the time, Bogardus was having a hard time finding contact information for candidates. Even though she used LinkedIn, it was tough to engage with candidates if she didn’t have contact information or wasn't connected with them.

“Finding contact information for passive candidates is a huge recruiting challenge,” she said. “Following up with them and having meaningful conversations on any number of platforms was also proving to be challenging. I needed a better way to do this in order to fill my roles, and turned to ZapInfo to help me and my team overcome this major recruiting hurdle.

ZapInfo: Accelerating Sourcing & Recruiting to Find Specialized Talent Faster

Bogardus and her team turned to ZapInfo to help them easily find and capture candidate data and information, and engage with candidates faster and more personally via email and social media sites. ZapInfo’s Recruiting Acceleration Platform is used by over 11,500 users globally and helps any recruiter to source talent 1-click easy from any job board, social network or search engine and helps them to find, engage and deliver talent faster than ever while simplifying the recruiting process and removing the manual busy work of recruiting.

“With ZapInfo, I’m able to find a broader range of candidates I wouldn’t have been able to find before, which makes my search pool a lot better so I can build a strong pipeline of candidates,” Bogardus said. “ZapInfo takes a lot of time out of the monotonous work in finding contact information.”

Help Increasing Value of Searches and Candidate Profiles

The Quest Diagnostics team uses ZapInfo’s Search Builder on LinkedIn in order to gain more value from the site, find valuable contact and profile information, and extract it to begin outreach. ZapInfo finds, gathers and extracts full profile information including skills, education and experiences on LinkedIn and makes it simple for recruiters to import that data into any CRM, dashboard, or spreadsheet. “We’ve been able to greatly accelerate the time it takes to find and extract talent profiles with ZapInfo’s help. This helps us get to the engagement process much faster - something that’s needed in today’s market,” Bogardus added.

The recruiting team also uses ZapInfo to better engage with candidates. “No one picks up their phone anymore. In order to reach candidates, you need to be more creative and personalized in how you reach out to them. ZapInfo’s engagement tools are great. If you can’t find someone’s email address, you can use ZapInfo to reach them on Facebook or any number of social sites. Candidates much prefer being engaged on a more human level - via a platform they’re already using,” Bogardus said.

ZapInfo is now an integral part of Quest Diagnostic’s recruiting strategy to find and engage with talent in order to fill these highly specialized roles. Bogardus concluded, “The ZapInfo team truly cares about their clients and offers personalized help at any time, in order to ensure we’re maximizing the solution and getting the most value from it. In today’s industry of a million HR technology vendors and sourcing tools, that is truly unique and hard to come by.”

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