IBM Kenexa Lead Manager Chrome Extension Helps You Recruit Faster

IBM Kenexa Lead Manager chrome extension can import a new contact with 2 clicks

If you're spending 30 to 45 minutes entering a new contact into your IBM Kenexa Lead Manager CRM application, you'll be glad that you found ZAPinfo the Chrome Extension that can capture a profile or resume of any candidate, whether you find them on Linkedin, Monster Resume, CareerBuilder, Dice, Indeed Resume, or even if someone emails you their email PDF resume.

With ZAPinfo you can easily clip their profile into the Chrome Plugin, and then drop them in as a new contact into IBM Kenexa Lead Manager with a few clicks saving you hours each day of doing data entry.

Here's a quick video showing how easy and fast the process is:

The tool can also help you clip data from IBM Kenexa or Lead Manager and drop them into other applications such as background check systems, video interviewing systems, or even your HRMS applications to simplify transferring data across your recruiting web applications.

See all the sites that you can Zap contacts into