New Bulk Import & Enrich Feature

This powerful new feature allows you to import a CSV or paste contacts into ZAPinfo and then enrich every contact to find email and social profiles.

Now You Can Import & Enrich Multiple Contacts!

Recruiters and sourcing pro's have loved using ZAPinfo to clip single profiles off job boards and social networks for mapped sites that we allow you to clip on.

But what happens when you find a list of contacts and only have their name + company name, but need to find their email address, social profiles, resume info, and company phone number for?

That's where the new bulk import feature provides you with the easiest and most powerful enrichment capability right in your browser.

Use Import & Enrich Easy!

If you already have a list of contacts in a CSV file, you can simply upload it inside the WebClipDrop tool selecting the "Bulk Import" feature. You can select the CSV file in on your local machine, and select the fields need to start the process.

Otherwise, if you are a power user of tools like Data Miner, you can extract names + company names from any web page such as speaker lists, staff directories, user groups, attendee lists and more. Once you've extracted the name + company name, you can just save them to your clip board and then paste them into WebClipDrop, and it will begin the enrichment process.

See How It Works In This Video

The import & enrich feature will be a great way to update your existing contacts from your contact lists, CRM, or even ATS in the future as we will be able to harvest the current updated company, job titles, and even email addresses for your historical contacts.