New Saved Searches (In Search Builder)

If you're like most boolean searchers, you likely have a bunch of pre-made search strings that you'd stored away to re-use when you are hunting for certain things.

You might also be on the hunt for new strings that others are using to find those purple squirrels. Well now, with the ZapInfo Boolean search builder, you can both save your strings to re-use them when you want + you can see public strings that you can use from others that will help you do add them to any search.

We will continue to add more and more Saved Searches that will help you to find any of the following examples:

- Diversity & Inclusion Searches

- Common Similar Title Names (Software Developer OR Software Engineer, etc.)

- Common Market Names

- Military Codes

- Mis-Spelled Job Title Keywords (find those hidden profiles)

- HBCU Keywords (Diversity)

- Keywords For People Seeking New Jobs or Laid Off