New Search Library To Find People Faster

Using the new ZapInfo Search Library you can explore searches that will help you find hidden talent on hundreds of sites.

Here's a link to the Search Library that you can bookmark to use anytime.

You can search using several criteria:

  • Keywords (Nurse, Accountant, Software Developer, etc.)

  • Locations (city or state names, or All is default)

  • Sites (Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Github, Healthgrades, Twitter, etc.)

  • Categories (Technology, Healthcare, Finance, Diversity, Military, etc)

  • Site Types (Social networks, search engines, directories, etc.)

  • Results From (See search engine xray results from Linkedin, StackOverflow, etc.)

While we have thousands of search strings in the database, you can use these as a starting point for your own searches to save time and discover new possibilities.

Here's a video showing you how you can use the Search Library:

Here's some links to people that can get you jump started:

We hope you enjoy using the Search Library and you can request searches at the top of the Search Library if you want us to add your favorite searches into the library.

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