SmartRecruiters Chrome Extension

The ZAPinfo Chrome Extension helps SmartRecruiters to recruiter faster & cheaper

Recruiters are constantly searching and finding candidate profiles on job boards and social networks and need to get that data into their SmartRecruiters contacts CRM database.

Using ZAPinfo (formerly WebClipDrop) in their Chrome Browser they can clip any contact on any site with 1-click, and then drop them into SmartRecruiters with 1-Click saving 30 minutes or more adding any contact with total accuracy.

Best of all, the ZAPinfo tool can instantly find the email address, other social identities to insure the most full profile is added into the SmartRecruiters system.

Recruiters can also save hours posting jobs, as you can use the Chrome Plugin to clip and drop jobs data in and out of SmartRecruiters.

Here's a quick video showing how this works: