ZAP & Export Members From LinkedIn Groups

Export & Find Email Addresses For LinkedIn Group Members Using ZAPinfo's Chrome Plugin

Now you can use ZAPinfo's Chrome Plugin to export members from any Linkedin Group that you are a member of. You simple visit the Linkedin Group and then click on the Members tab where the list of members will show in a list.

Then you just hit Clip on ZAPinfo, and it will extract all of the contacts from the member list and will enrich the members with their email address for the one's that have company names listed.

You can then travel from page to page, and continue to clip members from the group which will add every page of members to your clipboard along with enriching contacts that it can.

Once you've clipped all the members you want, you can then either drop them into your CRM or ATS system or you can select all of the contacts and export them to a CSV or XLS spreadsheet to import into any other application.

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