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  • ZapInfo is a free recruiting technology provided by Indeed

  • Use ZapInfo to accelerate and automate how you use Indeed's Recruiting Solutions

  • Zap candidates from all of Indeeds recruiting solutions into most talent ATS and CRM applications using our pre-built integrations and form filling technology

  • Export candidates to PDF, CSV, or your clip board to build sourcing lists faster

  • Save hours of time weekly extracting, engaging, and transferring data to your applications

  • ZapInfo is currently free for Employers. Indeed may, in its sole discretion and at any time, end Employers’ free use of ZapInfo and begin to charge Employers to use ZapInfo as a standalone product or in conjunction with an Employer’s use of any other Indeed product.

Have A Team?

Need To Be Integrated?

You can request an "Account" for your company and to have your users leverage out integrations to help you Zap candidate information into your ATS or CRM application.

See the list of integrated sites and which applications you can use our intelligent form filling technology with to eliminate data entry and make Zapping data into your apps easy.

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